Operating a ‘Caerodrome’ Network

The vision of the Project Caerodrome is to have a network of hubs that will operate the unmanned aerial robotic services in the region. The regions that we are talking particularly at this stage are the rough terrains of Himalayas that spread in the northern and north eastern states of India, Nepal and Bhutan.  What […]

Drones for Disasters

Using Drone Technology for Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Management Dr. Ruchi Saxena Director, Caerobotics Drones can be effectively used in disaster risk reduction and disaster management in India which has a high disaster vulnerability. Drones are very helpful in making the rescue and relief operations safer, quicker and more efficient. Drones could be used […]

Learning flight tracking and safety systems used by Air Traffic Control rooms

Hey there! Caerobotics is working on its most ambitious project, Project Caerodrome. In the current phase we will be designing end to end service architecture for using drones to deliver essential healthcare services to the remote inaccessible regions of Himalayas. To understand deeply what kind of coordination and safety features need to be in place […]