Hey there!

Caerobotics is working on its most ambitious project, Project Caerodrome. In the current phase we will be designing end to end service architecture for using drones to deliver essential healthcare services to the remote inaccessible regions of Himalayas.

To understand deeply what kind of coordination and safety features need to be in place to make the operations effective, our Executive Director, Dr Ruchi Saxena got in touch with Airports Authority of India’s Mumbai office. We are deeply humbled by the support and coordination received from the officials who generously shared with us their experiences and helped us learn about how a typical ATC tower works. We are extremely obliged to receive their guidance in this research phase.

Our idea is to make each drone flight safe, fly within the legal frameworks, be absolutely accountable for all risks involved and yet be able to meet our goals.

We understand that it’s just not about having good drones and flying them well. But it’s more about creating an ecosystem for a sustainable system where the humans are kept in the center of the whole system design and the country’s safety and integrity comes first.

So we are learning and we will learn some more until we refine our process designs.

Thanks for being a part of our journey!