Project Caerodrome

Aim: To utilize unmanned aerial vehicles for medical and humanitarian purposes

Our team is working at creating an end-to-end service architecture for utilizing drones in the delivery of medical services in remote inaccessible regions of India and Nepal and also simultaneously looking at similar applications in other countries with similar challenges. We are designing service systems in partnership with some of the best technologies – keeping in mind accessibility, communicability, robustness, safety, traceability and efficiency given the challenging conditions of high mountains of Himalayas.

In the current phase we are negotiating with key stakeholders who would help us test and improve our designs and prototypes in the target locations of Northern and North Eastern India. In the next phase, we will be targeting the island countries of South East Asia followed by plains, forests and coastal areas pf Africa.

We are inspired by other similar works done by drone companies for various projects and are looking forward to integrate their efforts with our baseline research studies for implementations of these projects.

Our approach towards our projects typically has the following steps.

  1. Conduct base-level study, acquire knowledge-base and research of the needs and solutions
  2. Concept development
  3. Market research
  4. Identify potential markets
  5. Connect and approach the key stakeholders
  6. Pitch and propose
  7. Conduct primary research studies to identify needs, resources, gaps and develop a workable prototype
  8. Test the prototype
  9. Propose the implementation and training plan and development strategies
  10. Connect with investors
  11. Launch the Pilot phase
  12. Conduct the Pilot and record the findings
  13. Design/ improve the solutions
  14. Recruit teams
  15. Conduct training
  16. Implement solutions – phase-wise manner
  17. Monitor and review performance
  18. Improve design or strategy
  19. Replicate

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