Caerobotics Service Divisions


1. To research, design, build, aggregate and implement healthcare technologies – that transform the way healthcare is practised globally
a. emergency response, transport and delivery vehicles and tools,
b. digital solutions, artificial intelligence and robotics,
c. communication channels,
d. documentation devices,
e. analytical tools and decision support systems and
f. remote health monitoring, diagnostic and treatment tools

2. To support government and humanitarian organisations build a high quality, safe and well-connected healthcare ecosystem for communities using infrastructure, skilled human resource, technologies and strategies
3. To support community healthcare research and development in partnership with academic and non-academic research institutions for ideas that integrate technology to promote holistic care, prevent or arrest injuries or disease progression, promise cure and enhance rehabilitation

4. To build a global platform for exchange of ideas, knowledge and solutions through events – seminars/ conferences/ exhibitions/ webinars, digital and print publications and education – short and long term courses – classroom and online
5. To consult organisations for implementation of healthcare quality and safety systems, risk reduction and technology to achieve clinical and operational excellence

6. To develop quality parameters, safety standards and objects for operational excellence, conduct assessments, training and provide certification

7. To provide services relating to Healthcare Emergency Response Strengthening,Ambulance Systems Strengthening, Healthcare Delivery Systems Strengthening,Emergency and Intensive Care Strengthening Systems,Surgical Systems Strengthening,Track to Treat Systems,Coordinated Care, Treatment Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring, Multi-point Operations Control ,Risk Management Systems


  1. Global Healthcare Systems
  2. Healthcare Service Design
  3. Healthcare Quality and Safety
  4. Healthcare Robotics
  5. Healthcare Digital Systems
  6. Healthcare Analytics
  7. Healthcare and Medical Devices
  8. Healthcare Communications
  9. Healthcare Supply Chain
  10. Healthcare Policies
  11. Healthcare Sustainable Solutions


  1. Healthcare Emergency Response Strengthening
  2. Ambulance Systems Strengthening
  3. Healthcare Delivery Systems Strengthening
  4. Emergency and Intensive Care Strengthening Systems
  5. Surgical Systems Strengthening
  6. Track to Treat Systems
  7. Coordinated Care
  8. Treatment Outcomes Measurement and Monitoring
  9. Multi-point Operations Control
  10. Risk Management Systems

Mode of Operations:

  1. NRG (Need-Resource-Gap) Analysis
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Delivery
  5. Control and Monitor
  6. Improve


  1. Technology
  2. Consulting
  3. Training

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